Monday, 29 October 2012

Never Do

Opposite the table, a simple way of saying it
Without even meaning to or wanting to,
Or knowing if you can.
But you say it, and I’m still
And gently contemplating my words.
Here is yours, but mine for now is hidden,
Because mine is worse in my own mind
Than it could ever be out loud.
Words will fail me and so would you if you knew.
So for now, I keep mine safe and away from
Questions and concerns,
And I know you kept yours buried until
I tore it from you accidentally,
And for that you know I’m sorry.
But bravely you continue like I know
I never could,
And I don’t judge you or
The others who have dropped theirs in front of me,
Some even wear it proudly.
But I only feel safe knowing mine
Belongs to me,
My past belongs to me
And this keeps me sane;
For until their eyes see what’s behind mine
They cannot judge the things I want,
Or say,
Or never do.  

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