Tuesday, 20 November 2012

First attempt at a Terza Rima! Not finished yet :)

The rage in your eyes,
A distant reunion,
You cover the skies.

Without this you’d move on,
Fall down with the rain,
Define this delusion,

Detract from the pain;
The howl of your breathing
Fragments the strain.

I see that you’re grieving
God knows I am too,
To see her there bleeding

It broke you in two.
I’ll remember that night
Until I am through.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

For Now

She takes a step back and
Wonders if this will be
Added to her long list of mistakes,
Or if those 9 weeks of
Happiness were really all that
Would have been given
Despite what she said
Or did to make you all
Turn away again,

Like a lost child
In a rainstorm, her
Socks soggy through
Her summer shoes,
Unable to deal with
What could have been avoided
Had her mother only seen the

And stopped her baby from
Going out alone again,
When she’d seen all too
Many times before the pain
A raindrop can cause her
Pale complexion when it has
Already been burned by the sun.

The splits in her skin
From days gone by,
The last time she barely survived it,
So to make her
Feel a monster for your
Own fraud is
Short of cowardly.
This deceit belongs to you.

And when the
Midnight hail threatens
To crack the windows of
Her bedroom and destroy
Her final sanctuary,
She questions where
Her sanity truly lies, and

Wonders if this world even fits
Could there be another that
Doesn’t rub at the flesh
On her heels quite as harshly?

But for now she sits closer
To the line but not quite on it,
Because certain things are worth
Holding on to;

The children she has not yet
Held but loves irrevocably,
The songs she sings in the
Kitchen on winter nights in the
Amber glow of the refrigerator,
The call of cities 12 hours away
That beckon a new life where
Nobody feels it,
The coffee rings on writing desks
And sunlight tainted beautifully
By the windows on busses,
Muddy puddles or the
Glasses of a stranger reading
The newspaper.
The blue eyed boy with a
Gruff morning voice.

For now, they are enough.