Sunday, 5 February 2012

So I Wrote A Song...

I didn’t know you had a story,
A hidden tale of fear and glory,
Trapped behind your eyes,
I didn’t know if you could save me,
Take me away, and then just maybe,
Kiss me in the dark, parade me
Around the town in your new car,
We’d sit around and play guitar,
And laugh about the way we were,
How did we get here, how did we become who we are?

And I’ll never forget the way the sun shone,
The way that I felt when I knew that you were gone,
The feel of your bones pressed down on my bones,
The wind in our hair and the fear of the unknown.

I’ll always remember the sound of your footsteps,
Walking away as I cried on the doorstep,
Leaving me here with the taste of what could be,
A bitter reminder that you made me happy,
That I’d never be the person I could be,
That no one would ever see what you saw in me.

And I’ll think of you every time that the rain falls,
Every time the sun shines or the wind blows,
Every time my breath fogs up the glass,
Every time that I lay in the grass
Staring at the sky,
My part of your story ended with goodbye.